Posteado por: npiedecuesta | abril 16, 2010

The Bicentenary – Erika Tatiana Quiroa Aza 902

the library bicentenary who is those who have two century and who person cenebrant in a event determination and who east year commmemorate the two hundred year of the diverse dinamic social who gave place a spanish of the system democratic who ordered how a great community 1873 where he country to start a new chapter in his history.
the celebration what colombian to carry a cape the twent july of years two thousand and ten
Bicentenary of espace to read a form of document to produce sincethousand seven hundred fifty and Eighteen hundred and fifty
In Colombia, is would completing 200 years old of independence already that by the date official our independence was the 20 of July of 1810.
nation in the 2010 (venezuela colombia chile)



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