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the bicentenario

Colombia is the celebration held on July 20th 2010 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the different social dynamics that led to our independence from Spain and the establishment of democratic system that commands us as a community.
This date was institutionalized in 1873, sixty-three years later to have a date in the calendar, where forever remember the day when the country began a new chapter in its history.

Meet the two hundredth anniversary commemoration becomes more important.
Alexis Eduardo Dias Granados 905



    The 20 of july of 2010 it was celebrated the bicentenary of the independence of colombia. these 200 years they are commemorable since that one 20 of july of 1810 we were liberated of the spanish who us tenian under his power.
    In my opinion i believe that already it is enough time free thanks to one simple vase that went the causer of that today let’s be here. These 200 years have been of peace, liberty, justice thanks to a few rebels that with the excuse gives to give a vase decided to face to the colony spanish that supported them slaves in his espiruto of freedom and decision. this bicentenary has served to rememberall these brave ones that witho ut fear decided to face and to destroy that viceroyalty of evilness and injustice.



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