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maria camila mantilla suarez 9-4

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Colombia is the celebration held on July 20th 2010 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the different social dynamics that led to our independence from Spain and the establishment of democratic system that commands us as a community.
This date was institutionalized in 1873, sixty-three years later to have a date in the calendar, where forever remember the day when the country began a new chapter in its history.
Meet the two hundredth anniversary commemoration becomes more important. The century, as historical measurement scale, we are amazed that it creates is within the limit of human existence beyond the one hundred years can only continue to exist societies, cultures and beliefs. No human being as an individual. In this sense, public memory only becomes the guarantor of collective memories because they signify and give meaning to a community that lasts longer than its members. Inevitably, then, that a country that in its present form as much as two hundred years, ie, several generations of human beings, must worry about maintaining and updating their common memory: only with it can make sense of this course that despite the changes it contains, it remains a single term: the Republican Colombia.



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