Posteado por: npiedecuesta | abril 16, 2010

Francisco Fernando Rueda Cediel 9-04

As we approach the summer of 2010, the 20th of July holds an important milestone for our Colombian Heritage. It marks or focuses on the Bi- Centennial, 200 magnificent years, THE Grito de Independencia the 200 years of freedom from our colonial founders.

It is a date that all Colombians cherish in their hearts and it of vital importance that they celebrate this day as any proud people should do.

This day is a day that each and every Colombian displays the inner most feelings from their hearts and demonstrates the gratitude they hold for all citizens, whether it be military men and women, or the smallest civilian in the street, who gave his or her life, possibly in actual battle or some semblance there of, that left us as a Nation this precious gift of Freedom.

Our forefathers, ancestors, Grand Parents…family….strangers from our past gave us as modern day Colombians the doctrines, rules, bylaws rules all of which have changed as the years passed.

But today…the modern media and the education in the classroom have lost, NO Forgotten the true Histor of Colombia. Today we think in more Utopian theories….achievements! Our blessed country is now the orphan of noble patriotic thought from the past. But it flows through every fiber that all Colombians have to our Homeland; COLOMBIA!!




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