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Colombia’s bicentennial

Bicentenary of the Independence of

Colombia is at hand to celebrate the bicentennial of its independence Spanish. To which we will approach our study from the mid eighteenth century until 1830 which dissolved the great Colombia.
The Bourbon reforms
The phase that historians have identified or as the Bourbon reforms took place in the eighteenth century, when Spain made a notable effort to promote the economic development of their colonial rule and at the same time subjecting them to more direct control to benefit.
In this final process was the publication in 1743 of the new work system of economic governance to America, José del Campillo. The book pointed to the crown its responsibility for the changes in the colonial economy towards its development and to correct deficiencies in its management so that by way of trade and taxes possible economically empower Spain. According to Del Campillo, a vast program of reforms was essential especially in the colonial administrative authorities, it was not possible to entrust so crucial to the officers action traditional.
The revolt of the Communards, long live the king death to bad government
This movement has been regarded as a history of independence. The taxes which were charged as we saw earlier to finance the Spanish military machine.
The rollers were increases among other monopolies snuff and spirits, was present relief Santander province where it is most annoying people in snuff and cotton.

Napoleon and the French invade Spain
My name is Napoleon Bona Party, was regarded as heir to the French Revolution. I led the 18th Brumaire “November 1799” a coup against the directory thus giving start to the consulate.
Characters: José Antonio, José María Caballero, molina alcanduz, Ortiz.



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