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Here realized an commemoration Allusive to the anniversary of two hundred years of independence that expires colombia and many other countries.
Because I do of the bicentenary an occasion for put at the disposal of different public readers, a digest of texts and images, related in different ways with the processes of the independence.
Will not be exhaustive but if we hope that has a basic coverage for the different regions of the country . We hope that many Colombians of all the ages find here documentation of interest for initiate at least the answers to the questions that they want to do to him to the past. This space will be constructed from now, centring first concerning 1810 and then being extended backward and towards ahead and, in the possible thing, penetrating.
I articulate this one to created to understand better the process diversity of the period, his senses and meanings and to elaborating multiple histories, from different points of view, spaces and subjects that probably could help to articulate a representation of our past for the present.
This year Bogota will feast for everything high the Independence of Colombia. There are great and very diverse the activities that will be carried out during every 2010. But probably the most important thing in the year of the Bicentenary is that there will be delivered several works that will do of the capital a more developed and equitable city.
This year is very special, since it is celebrated the Bicentenary of the Shout of Independence. was in our Bogota where there grew the roots of the freedom of Colombia. On July 20 of this year we will open the Centenary Urn that rests in the Museum of Bogota and that possibly hoards documents, photos and other historical material of 1910, when there was celebrated the centenary of the Shout of the Independence. ” To open her on July 20, 2010 “, says the inscription of the lid. We will do it. In addition, we will throw a summons to fill a new urn with representative objects of the Bogota of the 21st century. An urn that will remain closed for 100 years.



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