Posteado por: npiedecuesta | abril 15, 2010


the commemoration of the bicentennial of Colombian independence can not tell in a simple but broadly, beginning with an incident apparently simple as the vase broken to the process Llorente war of independence, through the time of the Patria Boba where constantly was no change of president, followed by the war of the 1000 days where conservatives and liberals faced by the country’s leadership after the emergence of the National Front took turns in the presidency between conservatives and liberals, comes the first and only coup lived state that the country led by General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla against Laureano Gómez Castro, also the emergence of militias such as guerrillas and paramilitaries in 1991 was done to reform the national constitution and in recent times have happened facts as the first re-election of a president. Policy not only expressed during these 200 years there were also reforms in education which included women, indigenous, African descent and people with low incomes, as these sectors of the population were totally excluded from receiving education, the emergence of great writers as Gabriel García Márquez and representatives in the cultural field.



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