Posteado por: npiedecuesta | abril 14, 2010

the bicentenario

in the year of 1810the mayority of countrys
spanish-america gained the independence
of the colony spanish .
this year 2010 conmemorate exact two
hundred years of this event thatus the liberty to the people humble how is the example of colombia
that the day 20 of july of 1810 with the
wrangle of flattering got the notify of creole
in the government and the beginning of form
that was and prevail a territory independent
.Is motive of haughtiness remember the fight
of ours before last by acquire a nation
automous with her proper law
Nataly Quintero 9-5



  1. On July 20, 1810 colombia I tire of being submitted
    under the Spanish colony and independiso.
    the majority of Spanish peoples
    (villages) I gain(earn) his(her,your)
    independenncia him(you,them) being
    liberated also of the Spanish colony these people were mui humiliated,
    it is necessary to highlight the valor of our of Columbus soldiers.
    Today 200 years afterwards(later)
    we celebrate even that we are a free country.
    Sergio andres gomez matajira 9-04

    The 20 of july of 2010 it was celebrated the bicentenary of the independence of colombia. these 200 years they are commemorable since that one 20 of july of 1810 we were liberated of the spanish who us tenian under his power.
    In my opinion i believe that already it is enough time free thanks to one simple vase that went the causer of that today let’s be here. These 200 years have been of peace, liberty, justice thanks to a few rebels that with the excuse gives to give a vase decided to face to the colony spanish that supported them slaves in his espiruto of freedom and decision. this bicentenary has served to rememberall these brave ones that witho ut fear decided to face and to destroy that viceroyalty of evilness and injustice.




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