Posteado por: npiedecuesta | abril 14, 2010


THE bicentenary is important since it is the recognition of a fact, event or celebration already is of a death or a birth of a person, a culture, a religion or a lamentable death of some belief or person in these days the bicentenary is celebrated on the occasion of the independence of Colombia in which we have to admit that many heroes or men gave his lives for our freedom

THE bicentenary also is important because this way we will be able to recognize an important fact of any part of the world as the lamentable natural earthquakes or the glorious festivals and carnivals that are celebrated in Colombia

We have to admit that the bicentenaries   that are celebrated in Colombia are very important because on having be done events celebrate mass of happiness that of disappointments

With this I conclude that the bicentenaries ARE FORMS GIVE TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE RECENT EVENTS


GRADO: 7-01



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