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Bicentenario wendy vasquez rondan 905

bicentennial the colombia 1810-2010 this is a date very important because held the bicentennial of the cry of the independence the bicentennial the Colombia, is the average of activities form the celebration the charges in Santa fe of the Bogotá on July 20 in 1810 , when marked of the process of the independence of the republic Colombia . independence period Colombia you can specify from 1810 until 1819 after nine years, we reminders of battles key in configuration our history.



  1. the celebrate of vicentenario independent from colombia in (1810-2010).
    in an opportunity for student the history national of a new perspective the resume present in trough in the taching and the community academic.
    aims not sole to know rember some of the datum more relevant of the independent as event history of our large colombia celebrate our vicentenario.

    also The 200 years of independence from Colombia are a timely opportunity for us to know our history. Since the first settlers for thousands of years, until today, in 13 one-hour documentary. Television is the mass medium of our time and there is no history of Colombia to take advantage of its resources well.
    thanks for your attention-


  2. The bicennial is very important in our country , we celebrate it on july of 1811 . and today we celebrate 200 years from this date . the we have given this date realistic activities special in which people is feel pround his home , activities we look as our history started.

    today who do not know not hing about of bicentennial is not have or shows love for his nation , which wants say will not matter the history from home.

    each person must have a value individual and collective by value founding.

    show our pride patriotic , to live this day with much joy and reviving our history for have it present and remembering each time important of that 20 of july the 1811 , with the order not forget this date so special since will united to our identity and to our personality as colombians , since for we must have a value beautiful and significant as colombians.

    the idea of hold this day is not lose our acculturation , ideology and pride patriotic.

    MY NAME IES : KaRoL JuLieTH BLaNCo oRTiZ – – – – > 9-04

  3. The bicentennial is important in colombia . since is interesting know this year 2010 comply 200 years of various dynamic social . this bucentennial is comes celebrating from twenty of july of 1811 the witch meets the second bicentennial , is very important already that has given the history of our nation. The television is the mass medium our time.

    I as a colombian the feel proud this bicentennial , all we feel proud because it is very important the witch is take the twenty of july.

    We be present in this party that is hels soon, in that people is feel very proud of its home.
    Is very important now forgel this great date, since identifies to uor nation.
    Since the most of do not know the bicentennial is because not feel love and not is feel prud of his nation.

    This bicentennial heve a grat valve beautiful in the life of each alombians, since no it we that forget. I fin always give remember this date as honor our nation. Remember the twenty of july of 1811 the bicentennial should we the colombian feel proud and show love.

    MY NAME IS : AnDrea PaoLa PraDa ReYes



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