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the bicentenario

If you want to comment about the “bicentenario” of the independence of Colombia, is necessary to clarify what it means and how important it is for anyone who is considered 100% Colombian, so “bicentenario” means the plan of activities for the purpose of holding the events in Santa Fe de Bogota on July 20, 1810, which marked the beginning of a fight that resulted in the independence of Colombia. I believe that though in our history books recount the vase which unleashed the war between Creole and Spanish, is important to note that this courage to face the Spanish was inherited by the gift we receive from our indigenous ancestors, men and women who fought each day to form a community where the bases were the sincerity, respect and work. I believe that without this wonderful gift we would not today be proud of what we, Colombians, also, I think that this opportunity of the “bicentenario” is a good cause Colombia to analyze how we are what we want and where we want to go ,only with this we can keep changing attitudes and obtained as a result a better tomorrow. With this comment I would invite not only my classmates or my teacher if not all the people who can read this commentary to build on that heritage that we have (courage, responsibility and respect), this heritage that once served us in the fight for our independence for us to make Colombia a better country.

Camilo Alexander
Mercado Marin



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