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juan jose sanchez beltran 9-03

the bicentennial

The 20 the July is for all the Colombians a party native, a party in the that celebrate the cry
Of the independence against the empire Spain, occurred in 1810 in Santa Fe of bogota.

the 200 years of the independence of Colombia are a used timely for that known our history.
the day as all Colombian know it learned from the education primary. The Creole is rose a against
the power Spanish, is discovered a record with the proclamation of independence of government
Spanish, and is settle a assembly supreme of government also know that our independence
Defition of Spain is seal the the conclude the campaing liberataing, under the command of simon

We Colombian the we to Simon Bolívar our liberaty already that us gave our liberaty.
Simon Bolívar was a big figure because I lead to the creoles for our freedom that even we today in day.



  1. bicentennial the colombia

    The bicentenary is one of the most majestic events in Colombia, as it is the commemoration of 200 years the cry of independence which falls on July 20 in Colombia and should be a day to remember, in 1810 started the independence of the battle against the Spanish people.

    the release of our Colombia showed us that in this country there are great riches and wonders that only God I believe, this day should be a day in which Colombian people to come together to give a cry for peace of all Latin Americans.

    the bicentenary reminds us that in some time we were slaves, but now 2010,we were slaves, but now 2010, 200 years after independence there are people who still, because of the wars between the Colombians.



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